Yeller is Closing Down

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, The Exception Tracker with Answers

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I have a difficult announcement to make.

Beginning now, Yeller is in maintenance mode. In 90 days from now, on the 20th of November 2016, all of Yeller’s servers will be shut down. You should migrate any apps using Yeller away to an alternate provider.

I’m proud that I managed to help so many of you with error tracking, but Yeller’s never been a properly viable business. Unfortunately, I’ve now realised that I don’t have the resources to devote to making it so.

You should migrate from using Yeller to another error tracker. There are many out there, but I think Sentry is the best in the business right now.

While it’s never pleasant to have to change your code because of a service shutting down, error reporting code is usually found in one place - the global error handler of your language/framework. Hopefully this change won’t create too much work in most applications. As data in an error tracker is typically transient, losing most of its value after an issue has been resolved, Yeller won’t be offering any tooling to migrate that data to another tracker.

I know many of your applications and workflows have come to rely on Yeller, but I think you’ll find Sentry or one of the other modern error trackers more than suitable. I enjoyed working with each of you. Thank you for using Yeller.

Tom Crayford,

Founder of Yeller

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, the Exception Tracker with Answers.

Read more about Yeller here

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