Frustrated Customers Leave Forever

Track the errors your users hit in your application and fix them instantly.

Stop falling behind. Stay on top of your errors.

Yeller works with Clojure, Ruby, Rails, Java, JavaScript, Go, Haskell and Node.js

  • Is your team drowning under all the small bugs and errors that crop up?
  • Dug through thousands of error reports and still tearing your hair out?
  • Ever been told an error happened by your customer and then not been able to find it?

To keep your customers happy, you need to stay on top of your application's errors, not let them pile up because your tools suck. You need tools that give you answers, not leave you digging through reams of data to figure out what went wrong.

I can't tell you how many times I've opened 100 occurrences of a single exception in a bunch of tabs and tried to figure out if they affected the same person or something else was common about them.

Larry Marburger, Papertrail

How much better would your life be if fixing application errors was so fast and easy that your team did it with pleasure?


  • Your users wouldn't see the same error day in, day out, because you would have fixed it already
  • You'd never go digging through millions of lines of logs to figure out what went wrong
  • You'd be able to ship with confidence that you would fix new errors as soon as they pop up
  • You wouldn't lose customers because of bugs

That's what I wanted too. It seems like all of the error tracking tools out there were designed to make me click through thousands of tabs to find answers, dropped errors I knew were there, and let the small bugs pile up.

You spend months making your app better to use, but still leave small bugs in there because you're overwhelmed

So, I built Yeller, which tracks your application's errors, and keeps you on top of them, not drowning in noise.

Yeller Is The Cure

Stop clicking 1000 times to answer simple questions. Get the computer to do the work:

Which versions of Chrome did this happen on?

Did my client's CEO get hit by this error?

Which companies were most affected by this error?

Works on your platform

It will take you seconds to start tracking your errors with Yeller

  • Clojure
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • Haskell
  • Node.js

;; Use our clojure ring middleware

(require 'yeller.clojure.ring)

  {:token "YOUR TOKEN HERE"
   :environment "production"})

Stop Falling Behind. Stay on top of your Errors.

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Yeller costs just $99 a month to track errors for up to 10 services, applications or projects.

Accidentally sent Yeller 1.1 million exceptions in the last 8 hours. It happily drank them all in. Kudos!

Robert Stuttaford, Cognician

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