Performance And Lies at EuroClojure 2015

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, The Exception Tracker with Answers

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I gave a talk at EuroClojure 2015 last week, on Clojure and performance. This talk is really a collection of war stories, things I learned whilst tuning Yeller for performance.

One of the things I find really valuable about doing performance work though, is how it teaches you how your code actually works. Profilers, and performance work in general make you dive much deeper than many other kinds of analysis. Performance isn’t a thing you can do at one place, because it doesn’t compose. You can’t put two fast things together and end up with one fast thing. As such, you have to dive deep into the software you run on, the JVM, and the language and so on to understand performance properly.

The official videos don’t come out for a few weeks, but I recorded my slides and audio (the audio has a few weird noises, because I brushed my hand across the mike a few times), but other than that I think it’s good enough.

At one point in this talk (that I noticed), I referred to a group of people as “guys”. I’ve been working on not using gender specific language, and apologize for doing that in this talk, it’s a slip up.


This is a blog about the development of Yeller, the Exception Tracker with Answers.

Read more about Yeller here

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