New in Yeller: Priority Inbox for your errors

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, The Exception Tracker with Answers

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Dude, there are like 500 exceptions happening all the time. It’s really hard to figure out what to focus on

That’s a direct quote from a developer I was talking to about application errors. I’ve since heard similar stories from many folk I’ve asked. Running a busy product is hard work, and having a whole load of bugs sitting in your error tracker leads to you feeling guilty, and makes it hard for you to focus on what matters.

Ultimately, if there are 500 different errors happening in production right now, you need to prioritize - fix those that really matter, and leave the rest for a later day.

When you open up your error dashboard, the most important data to show you is “anything new, plus anything really bad”. New errors lets you keep on top of things, and showing you “bad” errors gives you your priority list.

The tricky part about that is: how do you determine what a bad error is. Yeller’s new dashboard says that a bad error is any single error that makes up a significant portion of recent errors.

So, that’s what Yeller’s new dashboard focuses on: separating out what you need to look at right now from persistent, but less important errors:

Yeller’s new dashboard includes a few little things that will help you cut through your errors even more efficiently:


Easily scan for errors you haven’t seen before, and ignore those you’ve already looked at. Read errors have a slightly darker background, so you can see at a glance which errors you’ve already looked at.

Project Status

Understand how your whole project’s error rate is going right now: - did it recently increase? - have we recovered from that error we just fixed?

Try Yeller Today

Check it out. Yeller’s dashboard lets you drill down to the errors that matter the most, and once you start fixing an error, Yeller will give you the best error diagnosis tools out there.

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, the Exception Tracker with Answers.

Read more about Yeller here

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