Node.js Error Tracking

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, The Exception Tracker with Answers

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Yeller now has a fully supported client for node.js

Node has been around a long while, and plenty of folk are using it production. However, handling errors in node can get quite tricky, so yeller’s node library is here to help you out.

Yeller gives you the lowdown of all the information you need to fix your errors in production. Stacktraces, http params, the server the error happened on and more.

Setting it up for your production code will take 30 seconds. Using it looks like this:

First, setup a yeller client

var yeller = require('./yeller_node')
var yellerClient = yeller.client({token: 'YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE'})

Then catch errors and send them off using the client: Error('an message'));

You can include all sorts of additional information to make debugging production errors easier. Error('an message'),
 {location: 'MyWebHandler#handle',
  url: ''
  customData: {user: {id: 1}}});

Learn more about Yeller’s Node Support

Start Using Yeller to Track your Node Errors Today

This is a blog about the development of Yeller, the Exception Tracker with Answers.

Read more about Yeller here

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